The new Mercedes-AMG GT3 impresses with a new design aesthetic, thanks to an eye-catching front apron, distinctive flics and a new front diffuser. The new headlamps, auxiliary headlamps, tail lights and the new rear apron also add to this racing car’s characteristic look.

design 2020-Mercedes-AMG-GT3-in-motion.jpg
aero 2020-Mercedes-AMG-GT3-rear-view-motion.jpg


The Mercedes-AMG GT3 has a variety of assistance features for engineers and mechanics to make working on the car faster, easier and more intuitive. These include a more easily adjustable front splitter and a fast adjustment feature for the rear wing. 


Inside the ergonomic cockpit, the optional helmet and seat ventilation features have a positive effect on driver performance and safety: they help prevent fatigue and ensure concentration in hot conditions.

interior 2020-Mercedes-AMG-GT3-interior.jpg
LIGHTS 2020-mercedes-amg-gt3-race-car_100704777_h.jpg


The performance-optimised lights package provides enhanced performance in the dark. Alongside the cost-optimised main headlamps of the new Mercedes-AMG GT3, the optional auxiliary 24h headlamps provide even better illumination in poor weather conditions.